images_7Faith without action is dead. That’s the word. That’s what

God expects from us. He says ask and you will receive

whatever you need, seek and the door will open. Yes you’ve

been praying especially for a good wife or husband but what

actions have you taken. Know something about a leap of

faith? He or she won’t magically come, you have to take

action and prepare yourself.

Here is how. First, the only reason you should date anyone is

for marriage. However, probably you are already dating but is

it for marriage? Why are you dating him or her? And may be

you re still asking God for ‘the one.’ so how should God

respond to that?

Secondly, before getting involved with anyone, you should have

your finances in place. For the guys, you know you should pay

dowry…right? You are the provider. How are you gonna own

up to that responsibility? Where will you take her, to your

mum’s house or are you waiting to inherit? For the ladies, you

also need to support him. Have your finances in place.

Third, go social. You’ve been a workerholic locked up behind

your desk. Will he or she drop from heaven to your desk? Or

probably you are checking out your workmates or clients.

That’s not advisable. Trying going to social events; weddings,

thanksgiving, church, adventure. And also try not forming

temporary wrinkles on your face. A little smile is welcoming.

Fourth, change your wardrobe. How about you dress your age

and your body. Your dressing says alot both for the guys and

the ladies. Its the first thing someone will notice even at a

distance and may start judging. Its an impression. And

somehow shows maturity and responsibility.

Fifth,to get the best you have to be the best. Why should God

entrust one of His creatures to you if He sees you don’t

deserve he or him. You cannot be equally yoke. You must

have direction in life. How you present yourself will depend

On the kind of person you attract.

Finally, know your role. You are to love her as Christ loved

the church. You are to stay faithful. You are to be a provider.

Its the man’s duty to be teachable and firm at the same time.

So are you ready to accommodate someone else in your life,

are you ready to be faithful, to be a provider?

If you have all of the above then she/he will come by soon. If

not, that how you prepare. We always prepare our fields and

plant before the rains. That’s what you should be doing.

That’s action. That’s faith in action.


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