Richness or to be wealthy is relative. It depends with your mind set. To some food, shelter and clothing is enough and they will still consider themselves rich. To others being ahead of their peers is being rich. Some consider having a seven figure bank account and to others property or assets is a good definition of being rich. However, am not here to try and have a clear definition of being rich. However you define it is not the issue the issue here is do you consider yourself rich or poor?

So today while taking breakfast,  my dad comes up with a story he once told me. There is something about people who consider themselves rich. They assume the master position and would often look for someone who will not mind their mastership position. It is unlikely that they will go to people of their class. For instant in their day to day business they will look for an idle man who will not mind ‘helping’. Figure out a rich man with a guzzler visits his friend at 9:00am whose back account doesn’t add up to six figures. The poor fellow is seated outside his house perhaps taking a cup of tea. The rich fellow arrives and as he wants to leave, he suggests to the poor fellow if they could go to their favorite joint and eat some meat. Since the poor fellow has nothing of importance to do, he quickly rises to the suggestion. He enters the guzzler on the core driver seat and rolls down the window.

Immediately he assumes the environment. He assumes the rich states. He even behaves as though the car belongs to him. As they drive through the neighborhood, he smiles at all the passerby’s and anyone who cares to look. He does all this to turn around people’s perception and his own. He wants to be seen in a big car or that he knows such people.

On reaching the joint, he takes his sweet time to alight. He is buying time so that at least people will notice his arrival and the car. He wants people to see his status. They seat and order for five kilos of meat and perhaps several bottles of beer. The poor fellow is so happy and would want the rest of the people in the joint to feel his temporal assumed status. He has quickly been absorbed by the environment and behaves like the rich.

They leave the joint and the rich fellow heads to a hardware and buys several bags of cement. He then informs the poor fellow if they could pass-by his construction site for him to drop the said bags. The poor fellow whose stomach is full courtesy of the rich fellow, agrees to the suggestion. They proceed to the construction site where the rich fellow has erected an eight storey apartment of three bedrooms per house. They spend there like three hours. They later decide to go home. The rich fellow drops his poor friend home.

It’s about 7:00pm. A whole day of doing nothing. But to him, his stomach is full and that is what matters. In his house, there is nothing to prepare for supper. He gives his wife ksh.50 for supper and quickly announces that he is full. The rich fellow goes home and finds a well prepared buffet for supper.

I am not saying you shouldn’t have rich friends but you ought to be careful. By the way, when being misused, you won’t realize immediately. It’s only after a series of episodes that an averagely sober mind will notice. Have a sober and an independent mind.It is not enough to wish and dream or even alining yourself with rich people thinking you will be like them be careful, most of them are out to misuse you. Yes, your dreams are valid but sitting and visualizing the future and how you will be is useless. Sticking to the saying, ‘things used to be so great, but nowdays…’ blah blah blah is utterly nonsense. Forget about that and mold your future the way you want it to be. People will not always be happy when you start succeeding and some will try to hold you back but the earlier you realize the better.

However, when money comes you have to be wise. Don’t be stupid living paycheck to paycheck and never have enough. People don’t get rich on salary. Get to work, plan ahead, quit spending your money on nonsense or for show off and invest of assets not liabilities.


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