I we all battle with what is right in our eyes, the society and God. It’s always hard to make decisions especially with the current economic break down. But that not withstanding we have to make those decisions. I heard this and thought it might help.

A sales man was waiting to see the Purchasing Agent so he could submit his Company’s bid. While he was waiting, he couldn’t help but notice that his Competitor’s bid was sitting on the Purchasing Agent’s desk. Unfortunately, the actual figure for the Competitor’s bid was covered by a soda can.


He got to thinking: How could it hurt if he took just a quick look? No one would ever need to know. So he reached over integrity and lifted the soda can. But his heart sank as he watched thousands of beads pour out from the bottomless can and scatter across the desktop.


It was a test set up by the Purchasing Agent … and he failed it. Needless to say, he didn’t get that company’s business.


I read that story and wondered, would I have passed the same integrity test? The only time you know you can stand, is right when you are in the middle of the heat.


I can imagine maybe business is not good and you are depending on this deal to make ends meet. Would you take a small peep to see if your bid is lower than your competitor giving you a better chance to get the job?


God expects you and I to be honest in our dealings whether we are all alone or in the presence of witnesses. God is ready to bless the work of our hands but we have to be honest in our dealings for the blessing to flow.


Who are you when people are not watching? Will you stand by the truth even when it means you can lose? These are questions we have to answer every day and our actions reveal who we really are in our hearts.


May we find strength and conviction to stand by what we really believe in even when it means our lives are on the line like Daniel.

Proverbs 28:18

Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall.

 In all your dealings today stand for what is truth. It’s about being civilised. 


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