He is never good at surprises or maybe it’s always the wrong timing. I have told him once and again that he will end up surprising himself. But I think we are always in a battle or rather he is always in a battle of trying to prove me wrong. Everytime I proved him wrong I made a victory dance which he hates. The victory dance must always be accompanied with a wink and a sarcastic smile. One the other hand I love every bit of it.

We talked about everything and I had no double that I am totally sold out. But this time I really didn’t care. That’s what I had always wanted. In fact it’s more than an answered prayer. I am assured and totally convinced that that was it, it was right. I felt the goose bumps and butterflies. I was not anxious but happy. The peace within was overwhelming.

On that day he came up with an insane idea of hiking. I really hate crawling animals and he knew that. To make it sound hard, he refused to disclose the hiking location. It was actually a bet that the loser will write a 32 pages (A5) love note for the other with no repetition in a week’s time. I loved writing and losing won’t be a punishment for me. But since I hate losing, I agreed. He is a number’s guy and writing can be taskingnfor him (though he suggested the punishment).We were to hike on a weekend and he had told me of it on a Monday. That day after work, I walked into a sports shop to buy a pair of sport shoes (my legs had suddenly grown bigger and the one in the closet didn’t fit). I found real cute pink and lime green sport shoes.

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The following day I tried to do some exercise, which I did, but the following morning my muscles were hurting. I did these excises for four days. One the d-day, which was a Saturday, he came by my house to pick me up. The well dressed and exited me freaked him out. I have this saying, when you are most afraid, fake courage no one can tell the difference. The truth was, I was really scared. First, I was not sure if I should just admit loss or I should just proceed. Second, the last time I went hiking my muscles hurt for two weeks and worse still a twisted ankle. Finally, I had a wedding to attend the following day and dancing is what makes the attendance memorable.

We were now on our way but stopped by a supermarket for some snacks and water. He also bought some painkillers and Elastoplast for the first aid kit.

The hiking was to take place some 100 kilometers from where we were. The place was really cold with forests everywhere (name withheld) but favorable conditions for hiking. Starting time was 8:30 am and finishing time was 3:00pm. To cut the long story short. I won the bet. He didn’t know that I was familiar with the place. At about 1:00 pm he was exhausted, sweaty and couldn’t move an inch. On the other side I saw feeling great. He conceded.images_61

In the car, I stared at him to get his attention. He diverted his focus from the road to me and there I winked, tuned on the Radio for some music, raised my hands for the dance. The guy was really furious and had all this crazy idea that I might have taken something to boost my energy. I looked at him and smiled then told him that I had hiked there on several occasions before. Since he had refused to disclose the location, he surprised himself as usual.

Two weeks after, we met so that he could hand over the book. On this day everything was perfect, he called earlier than usual to confirm that we will be meeting and that he will be picking me up. That was odd. He is the kind of person who calls an hour to the meeting to confirm attendance. An hour to the meeting I called him but his phone was off. I tried his office extension and someone picked who informed me that he had stepped out about 30 minutes ago.

Everything was now going south. I called his phone again after an hour but it was still off. I scrolled through my phone book and called a friend of his who told me that he had not seen him. My heart was unsettled. Still in the office 30 minutes after our agreed time, I called again. He picked up excited (this is the point I felt like hanging up). On my side I was mad! I was anxious about him not picking up his call and yet on the other side the guy seemed to have been enjoying himself. First I wanted to know why he had arranged for a meeting yet he was unreachable and 30 minutes late.

I asked him where he was and why he was late. Apparently he was swimming.  That was odd. Why would he be out for swimming on  a Monday at 5:30pm? I was mad not to ask more questions. He quickly said that he had sent someone to pick me up about 20 minutes ago.Before I could respond, a gentleman came to the office to pick me up.

On arrival to the hotel were he was swimming, I was ushered to the table on the balcony by a waiter. The gentleman who had picked me disappeared. I ordered for some water to try and calm my nerves. After 12 minutes he walks in with a short and t-shirt. The guy was just a mess. He hugged me and was breathing heavily. Apparently he was from the gym. Everything was not adding up. Earlier he said, he was swimming now he is from the gym. I thought it should be the other way round (gym then swimming). I asked him what he was up to, the swimming and gym on a Monday. He shouted that he was keeping feet.

After 15 minutes of my one word answers, I asked him to give me the book because it was getting late. He said it was in the car. He left for the book but again took long. I was exhausted after a long day and was not in any mood for drama. I script on one of napkins on the table that I was out and signed. As I was heading down stares on the second floor, he was there with our friends all dressed in white stepping on red rose petals. images_57

I was still mad and decided not to be a party in anything he was up to. I stood stared at them for 1 minute then proceeded to go down (heading towards them). Unfortunately that was the only exit from the hotel. On the last stare case before I could step on the petals, I noticed they had  red burning candles and he was also dressed in white. The scene was beautiful, I smiled. I really didn’t know what happened to me walking past them. Music was playing on the background (God blessed the broken heart and lead me straight to you). A waiter gave him a microphone. He did a mic check and told me about the bet punishment and that he had the book with him. I was very emotional. One of his friends handed other a book to him. It was beautiful. It had a cover of a picture we took a year ago. He opened and read it out word for word. I was very emotional as he read. On finishing the last sentence, he was on one knee.

This time he didn’t surprise himself. He had it all planned. I stared at him for about 3 minutes and winked (we had this tradition that when I wink especially after he has requested for something, it was a no). He stood and started singing the song playing on the background. It was a teaser since he was dramatic that evening. There he was again on one knee. I couldn’t resist and shouted a big yes. The rest is history.images_58

The following day I got an email subject, The Proposal. In the email was an outline of his plan for the proposal including the hiking bet.

It was heartfelt and beautiful.






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