GLOBAL WARMING: The Earth will Heal Itself 

1320_effects-imageLet’s talk about our future. The future of our generation. What will the Earth be like? Recently climate scientist from around the world met in Paris for one of the largest scientific gathering sponsored by the United Nations. However much nations met and try to come with ideas to end global warming , there is little or nothing that there legislation will help. I think the Earth has its way of healing itself. Now let’s talk about the healing.

In an interview, the Paris Conference chair Jean Jouzel said, “Global warming will never stop but there is hope. It would have be have been much easier to deal with the issue if we had started 25 years ago.

Climate change or global warming if you may is as a result of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere which acts as a blanket- trapping heat and warming the planet.  CO2 is as a result of burning fossils fuel like coal, oil, natural gas and cutting down of trees. The process of the production of CO2 is seen with the emerging number of industries in the name of improving the live of man and technology.

Analysis of Global Change

As it is now, the countries that feel the gravity of global warming are Europe, Asia, and America. The question now is, why is it that the Africa Continent feels the effect less? African countries do not have extreme weather conditions, there are severe storms, reduce lake ice water, increased sea levels, increased droughts and charge in plant and animal behavior.

If we go back before colonization in Africa, life was as good as it gets. People didn’t worry about education, civilization, technology and what is now felt in the developed countries. In Africa the order of the day was live in the forest. Food was fetched from the forest which came in its natural state. They would care about starting a forest fire. They cared about where they could get their food from. If they needed vegetables or meat, they would go into the forest with spears to gather and hunt respectively.

Temperature Change

There was no need to store things in the refrigerator or heat with a microwave. They stored things using natural methods like smoking, salting, heating or drying. If one was to travel from one place to the other they would use animals. As it was, there were no industries to burn oil, gas, coal or release any toxic gases. There were no air conditioners. The weather was perfect.

On the other hand, the European and Americans had a lot to worry about. To start with, there weather patterns are extreme; from winter to summer. They had to think of ways that they would keep themselves warm during winter and how they would store food. What other way of keeping themselves warm than heating systems. Heating systems use either gas or electricity. And of course fire wood. But fire wood cannot heat an entire house or office and worse still it cannot provide enough heat. The only best alternative was gas and electricity. Electricity on the other hand is expensive for a country. If a country is to depend of electricity, they have to usenuclear energy to produce more electricity. As for gas– which most countries use- oil has to be drilled beneath the earth. From the oil they extract gases.

There countries came up with all the technology we see now, from vehicles, to electricity, to airplanes, to industries, telecommunications and everything that we enjoy now in Africa. They brought this technology to Africa. We now have industries and cars to produce toxic gases. We now mine and destroy the earth’s crust. We now cut trees for furniture. We have aped the developed countries.

Now, in the attempt to make life comfortable, the above caused more havoc with time. We have global warming. I am not in any way blaming them, of cause they had to find ways to survive. But in the aim of exploiting resources and developing, little or no attention was given to the effects that the technology will cause. Thanks to it we now have an elephant in the room.

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We now have countries coming together in conventions trying to scare the elephant. The earth has already suffered grievously. It has suffered all manner of abuses. Yet it is still surviving. It’s really a survivor. Common sense tells us that what we are doing is damaging the Earth but we heed not to this. In fact the same people who have brought us to where we are the same people who are pushing us far from recovery. With the already damaged Earth, they bring in more technology to cover up. But I am somehow convinced that it is just business. You know the supply and demand chains. We have developed more demand and they have more to supply. They have come up with GMO seeds which can survive the weather but the same seeds are harming our body. They are producing more in an aim to seek healing mother Earth but they are also producing more toxic gas.

The Earth is sick but it will heal it self 

Professor Laughlin in his book ‘The Crime of Reason’ says that you can’t discuss climate change without looking backward across geologic time. He puts ordinary rainfall into perspective to illustrate the point. The rain that now falls on the world in a normal year measures a meter –about the height of a golden retriever. The rain that has fallen since the industrial age measures 200 meters. The rain that has fallen since the age of the dinosaurs would fill the Earth’s ocean 20,000 times. The rain that has fallen since oxygen formed will fill the World 100 times.  Yet, the amount of water in Earth’s oceans hasn’t changed significantly in all of this time. In Earth’s most recent glacial melting, 15,000 years ago, the sea level rose by one centimeter a year for 10,000 years- and then abruptly stopped. The heat required to produce this melting was 10 times the total energy consumption of all human civilization.

As long as we produce and manufacture, CO2 will always be in the atmosphere.  There is no amount of conventions or legislation that will help. Everyone is in business and technology is still evolving. Anything that humans do to mitigate is a waste of time. It is natural that Governments and citizens delude themselves when they think they can make a difference.

Physical Impact of Climate Change


The Earth has suffered much and as it. If exhausted it will take care of itself. The Earth doesn’t care if you reduce gas production, or you reduce the amount of cars on the roads or that you put measures to industries. It’s vanity.  The Earth is capable of turning excess CO2 into limestone. The Earth regulates climate change in geologic time without asking for anyone’s permission or explaining itself.

However, at the time of healing more destruction will have occurred than we ever expected. The glacial melting  (ice age)will increase sea levels and the oceans will break their boundaries. Unfortunately the countries on the Northern hemisphere will suffer greatly. Most of these countries will be washed away. Buildings will collapse, crops and animals will be destroyed and people will die


Glacial melting

After this, the Earth will cool and it will absorb all the toxic gas. This is the truth. We can’t do anything. We are caught up with the very inventions that we thought would help us. Our invention has made us cynical.

Choices have consequences. It’s our time to eat the bitter fruit be labored.