images_12Sometimes the mistakes, hardships and stresses of life makes

it more interesting. Its not interesting at that moment but

when you overcome them it makes you tough. I often say

once bitten never shy. You shouldn’t shy away cause you

have an experience on what to expect and how to handle it.

I don’t understand how you can smile all day long but cry

yourself to sleep at night. How pictures never change but

people in them do. How your best friend can become your

worst enemy, or how strange it is when your enemy turns

into your best friend. How forever turns into a few short

months then you would do almost anything to get back. How

you can let go off something you once said you couldn’t live

without. How even though you know something is best for

you, it just hurts the same. How the people who once wanted

to spend every second with you, think a few minutes of their

time is too much to spare. How people make promises despite

knowing how common it is for promises to be broken. How

people can erase you from their lives just because its easier

than working things out.

We can never understand this things. We have no control of

things but we can choose not to be define by circumstances

but instead define them. Sometimes we feel like the whole

world  is on our shoulders. When you are told a joke for the first

time, it will amuse you. When said the second time you will

still be amused but when said the third and fourth time you

won’t laugh like  you did the first time cause you are now

used to it.

This is how we should treat situations when we fill their is no

way out especially if it has happened to you more that ones or

twice. Our bodies are designed to adjust. Just smile and treat

it like a regular friend, that’s an option. WHEN THERE IS NO





Richness or to be wealthy is relative. It depends with your mind set. To some food, shelter and clothing is enough and they will still consider themselves rich. To others being ahead of their peers is being rich. Some consider having a seven figure bank account and to others property or assets is a good definition of being rich. However, am not here to try and have a clear definition of being rich. However you define it is not the issue the issue here is do you consider yourself rich or poor?

So today while taking breakfast,  my dad comes up with a story he once told me. There is something about people who consider themselves rich. They assume the master position and would often look for someone who will not mind their mastership position. It is unlikely that they will go to people of their class. For instant in their day to day business they will look for an idle man who will not mind ‘helping’. Figure out a rich man with a guzzler visits his friend at 9:00am whose back account doesn’t add up to six figures. The poor fellow is seated outside his house perhaps taking a cup of tea. The rich fellow arrives and as he wants to leave, he suggests to the poor fellow if they could go to their favorite joint and eat some meat. Since the poor fellow has nothing of importance to do, he quickly rises to the suggestion. He enters the guzzler on the core driver seat and rolls down the window.

Immediately he assumes the environment. He assumes the rich states. He even behaves as though the car belongs to him. As they drive through the neighborhood, he smiles at all the passerby’s and anyone who cares to look. He does all this to turn around people’s perception and his own. He wants to be seen in a big car or that he knows such people.

On reaching the joint, he takes his sweet time to alight. He is buying time so that at least people will notice his arrival and the car. He wants people to see his status. They seat and order for five kilos of meat and perhaps several bottles of beer. The poor fellow is so happy and would want the rest of the people in the joint to feel his temporal assumed status. He has quickly been absorbed by the environment and behaves like the rich.

They leave the joint and the rich fellow heads to a hardware and buys several bags of cement. He then informs the poor fellow if they could pass-by his construction site for him to drop the said bags. The poor fellow whose stomach is full courtesy of the rich fellow, agrees to the suggestion. They proceed to the construction site where the rich fellow has erected an eight storey apartment of three bedrooms per house. They spend there like three hours. They later decide to go home. The rich fellow drops his poor friend home.

It’s about 7:00pm. A whole day of doing nothing. But to him, his stomach is full and that is what matters. In his house, there is nothing to prepare for supper. He gives his wife ksh.50 for supper and quickly announces that he is full. The rich fellow goes home and finds a well prepared buffet for supper.

I am not saying you shouldn’t have rich friends but you ought to be careful. By the way, when being misused, you won’t realize immediately. It’s only after a series of episodes that an averagely sober mind will notice. Have a sober and an independent mind.It is not enough to wish and dream or even alining yourself with rich people thinking you will be like them be careful, most of them are out to misuse you. Yes, your dreams are valid but sitting and visualizing the future and how you will be is useless. Sticking to the saying, ‘things used to be so great, but nowdays…’ blah blah blah is utterly nonsense. Forget about that and mold your future the way you want it to be. People will not always be happy when you start succeeding and some will try to hold you back but the earlier you realize the better.

However, when money comes you have to be wise. Don’t be stupid living paycheck to paycheck and never have enough. People don’t get rich on salary. Get to work, plan ahead, quit spending your money on nonsense or for show off and invest of assets not liabilities.


images_7Faith without action is dead. That’s the word. That’s what

God expects from us. He says ask and you will receive

whatever you need, seek and the door will open. Yes you’ve

been praying especially for a good wife or husband but what

actions have you taken. Know something about a leap of

faith? He or she won’t magically come, you have to take

action and prepare yourself.

Here is how. First, the only reason you should date anyone is

for marriage. However, probably you are already dating but is

it for marriage? Why are you dating him or her? And may be

you re still asking God for ‘the one.’ so how should God

respond to that?

Secondly, before getting involved with anyone, you should have

your finances in place. For the guys, you know you should pay

dowry…right? You are the provider. How are you gonna own

up to that responsibility? Where will you take her, to your

mum’s house or are you waiting to inherit? For the ladies, you

also need to support him. Have your finances in place.

Third, go social. You’ve been a workerholic locked up behind

your desk. Will he or she drop from heaven to your desk? Or

probably you are checking out your workmates or clients.

That’s not advisable. Trying going to social events; weddings,

thanksgiving, church, adventure. And also try not forming

temporary wrinkles on your face. A little smile is welcoming.

Fourth, change your wardrobe. How about you dress your age

and your body. Your dressing says alot both for the guys and

the ladies. Its the first thing someone will notice even at a

distance and may start judging. Its an impression. And

somehow shows maturity and responsibility.

Fifth,to get the best you have to be the best. Why should God

entrust one of His creatures to you if He sees you don’t

deserve he or him. You cannot be equally yoke. You must

have direction in life. How you present yourself will depend

On the kind of person you attract.

Finally, know your role. You are to love her as Christ loved

the church. You are to stay faithful. You are to be a provider.

Its the man’s duty to be teachable and firm at the same time.

So are you ready to accommodate someone else in your life,

are you ready to be faithful, to be a provider?

If you have all of the above then she/he will come by soon. If

not, that how you prepare. We always prepare our fields and

plant before the rains. That’s what you should be doing.

That’s action. That’s faith in action.



On Sunday the world celebrated mother’s day. I could help but notice everyone on my time line either updated their mother’s photo or wrote something in appreciation to their mothers. I must say they were really touching. I hope of all hopes that we should not be reminded by a calendar date that our mothers should be celebrated and appreciated. But it should be an inbuilt affection that comes out naturally and every minute.  So, today as I was going about my official duties I eves dropped a conversation between a lady of about mid 30s and a gentleman (he sure was) of about mid-40s. images

These words, “if women would remember the pain they would not have second born-s”, that got me thinking. Based on this part of the conversation, you would clearly know the topic of discussion was child birth and labour pains. I have never had a child before but I know people who’ve had. I might not also know the experience or how painful the labour pains are. But based on what I know, it must be a very painful experience. Some say its unexplainable pain that may last close to 8-12hrs.

I talked to one of my collegue (she has a kid) as soon as I entered the office. She told me out like I thought you knew such things. But my face was like a frozen computer screen waiting for her answer and trying to give her the look of I know but I still wanna be told. According to her it’s the worst pain you could ever experience. I felt some groose pumps coming out and thinking I wouldn’t want to experience that. Towards the end of the conversation she told me with an assuring voice, “the moment the child gets out, you forget the pain totally.” It however didn’t make sense but those are the words of someone who has been there. I also inquired around and the answer was the same, you’ll forget the pain immediately.

Anyway, I didn’t intent to talk about child bearing and labour pains. This was just a bridge way to the key point. Come to think about it, if the pain is extreme as ladies will attest to, then why do people have more than one kid? Logically once bitten twice shy or no one would step on a blade twice knowingly. But women do it.  They go through the same painful experience not twice but more and more again. What driving force do they then have? Ask one, and you’ll get the best answer.

After a long time of wrestling with my brain I thought why can’t we put the same driving force to the things we encounter daily that we would sometime think I wouldn’t walk that road again?  And often say phrases like catch me dead. You try out something that drained your  bank account, you lost a job that you had dedicated your  whole life time in, you tried out a partnership that did nothing but created a whole chain of bitterness and hatred with the people you trusted, your marriage failed and it was his or her fault and vowed not to get married again, you have repeated an exam for that six times and paid for the same six times and every other situation that made you experience a unbearable pain that you wouldn’t want to go through again. Your story is always about the rain and floods, destruction, downfall and the family.

It was or is very painful but that should not hinder you from getting a second born. That should not be the reason you wouldn’t want to try again. Imagine (especially if you are not a first born) if your mom remembered the labour pain she experienced, then you wouldn’t be here today. What did she do? She forgot the pain and got another child. The experience of a woman in labour is no different from that situation you are facing.

You gotta pick yourself shake the dust off and get going. God hasn’t promised that there won’t be fire on your path walk to success but He promises to preserve you in the fire. Get up now!


images_4This phase has been used often when people don’t want you, the recipient, to view things at face value. What it looks like may not be the actual meaning or reason behind something. There is more to things than the actual face value of it. The face value may only portray a ray of light but the whole view of the sun light is in looking beyond the ordinary, beyond what your eyes wanna see, beyond what you wanna hear and beyond what others see. Yes open the pages to see the real contents of the book to feel the spirit of the author and not just conclude from the colorful or dull cover page.
The headlines that goes viral on Twitter and Facebook or even on a blog post that receive hundreds of referrals from search engines are only there for that single purpose, to be viewed from the writers point of view. The writer’s point of view may be influenced by someone or something negative or positive. Whichever applies. A writer many be paid to post something that may tint the image of another or praise him or her whilst there is nothing to crown. They like it and crown it as they wish. This does not mean that’s the gospel truth. There is more to it that the writings. God gave us a brain capacity higher than any other animal of the planet and using it wisely is for His glory.
I know you know or have seen that fat or skinny kid in your neighborhood. Your first thought may be what’s wrong with their parent. Why isn’t she/he monitoring their child’s intake or they don’t have enough food. By thinking in this line we’ve already formed a conclusion in our heads without knowing or understanding the background of that child. May be that overweight kid is struggling to cut down or their intake and that skinny kid has her own struggles to have three meals a day. May be they can only afford one meal a day or none at all. Until then it’s better to be positive.
We are often told about the addicts. Addicts of drugs, pornography …you name them. Sometimes we wonder can’t someone just stop or take that first step of recovery. I haven’t been there but I know people who have been there and others are still there. If only you get to fit that person’s shoe you’ll get to feel where it hurts. It’s never that easy. They also what to quit but their bodies are not receptive to the change. All they are looking for is someone who will help them through the thorny bushes, the steep mountains and deep valleys. Your attitude or language will either break or build them.
The girl who goes to church skimpily dresses. That girl is in church and not in the clubs. The brethren may start binding whatever it see. Some may even chase her. Some will say she will make a brother fall. Last I checked it’s not the cloth that will go to heaven or gets saved. That girl may be a sinner but she is tired of the circular world. And today she decides to go to church to see if they will be accepted as she is or if she will surrender her life to Christ. She wants to know if there is any hope for her. And what does she get? All the holier than thou attitude and the judgmental eyes saying, “you are going to hell”. Will she surrender to Christ knowing that she was judged at a glance? What will be her perception of Christians? Shouldn’t we be glad that she is there and not in the club? Shouldn’t we receive her with open arms and teach her the word. I believe next Sunday she will well dresses.
That underage girl who is pregnant? The word goes around the neighborhood and people quickly think she has loose morals or her parents didn’t teach her well. May be that child was raped and she was not given morning after pills after the incident. May be she was just a naïve girl who didn’t know biology let alone understand the changes in her body. May be that child offered her body to provide for her siblings. There are a lot of possibilities and one of them may be the real reason. By gossiping and warning your kids not to associate with her won’t stop your kid from falling victim. By helping her go through the journey she didn’t choose to go will help her raise her baby. By taking to her will help you know the real reason and probably you’ll be her angel sent.
The kid who tops from the bottom in every end of term exam: We all were not born genius. A parent may even be the first to scorn the kid for being the last in class. The kid may be doing their best but there is nothing to show. The kid may be dyslexic. These kids will not always learn at the pace of the rest. This kid may not understand science or geography or mathematics but they are always gifted. This kid may be gifted in sports or art or in other way. Forcing such kids to go to school and branding them stupid, like their mother as many fathers will say, won’t help the child. Scorning the child will make him hate him/herself and probably give up in life. But understanding the root of the problem and crowning the gift that the child possesses will be his stepping stone. Last I checked talent pays more that papers.
To the ladies, that young man who keeps asking you out and you turn down his request just because he is not tall dark and handsome would make the best husband. He may not measure up to your standards, he may be too light skinned or very dark, he may be too short or too tall, he may be too shinny or obese. And may be that’s not the kind of man you want. Or may be you don’t like the way he smiles or laughs and many more. But all this will fade with time but his personality won’t, his love for you won’t, how he cares for you and the neighbors’ children won’t or even his inner child and most of all his love for God. He is not what he looks like. Get to know him and you’ll love him. This also applies to the men: that lady who is not size 10 or 8.
It’s never what it looks like. Intersect the circle and find the root before you get to the circumference then find the sum. Is it more on the negative or on the positive? Be the judge.


Yes sometimes the answer is No. I know we all are afraid of answers or rather of the truth. We are afraid that if we ask the answer might be a No. However, we should just ask anyway. When the answer is No, rather than cursing heavens and wish it had not been written, ask and you shall receive, how about we ask Him or pray that His will be done. But its true ask and you shall receive. Remember He does not go back on His promise and His word is yes and Amen. Yes you will receive an answer but this time it’s a No. However, you got to embrace yourself because He is still faithful.
I don’t know why I am writing this article but I feel that I should. Often I have asked of Him and He has said No. I often feel like He does not understand or probably I have sinned but often I remember that He gives us any of the three answers, YES, NO or WAIT. But we are always not ready for a no. I know and hope of all hope that you know it’s because of His love that He sometimes tells us no. He probably would not what you to go to that direction.
Imagine a child who wants to play in the rain or wants ice cream in the wee hours of the morning. The parent will say no. This is not because they hate that child and do not want them to be happy. The parent foresees the best of the child. They know if they grant their request the child might end up catching a cold or pneumonia. God is like that parent and many at times our prayers are not in our best interest. Irrespective of what we think.
We like it when He says YES. We can endure it and probably hold on when He says, WAIT. But our hearts sinks and we can’t handle it when He says, NO. When He says no, we become disappointed and may start questioning our faith in Him. This is so because that was not the answer we expected. We expect that when we pray about it He will respond with a yes.
A yes might not be His will. His will sometimes is a no. We all know what is ‘best’ for us but probably in the near future the yes that we wanted might lead us into the lion’s dead or probably a furnace. Here is where His will comes in. Remember that He knew you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. Meaning He has your whole life in plan. When what you’ve asked is not included in His original plan, am afraid His answer might be a big NO!
When we look at the life of David, he was a good man, good fearing, obedient, faithful, honest, a man after God’s own heart …name it. When he sinned against God and slept with Uriah’s wife and a child was born. Nathan told him of his sins. He fasted and prayed for God’s forgiveness. Then child become very ill and still David fasted and wore sack cloths for God to spare the child but the Child died. Was the child on the wrong? No. didn’t David pray to God to spare his life? Yes. But God’s will was that the child should die.
Again when Jesus, at the garden of Gethsemane, asked God if it was possible He should take that cup of suffering away from him. Yet not what Jesus what but what God wants. But God’s answer was a No. That is why we are here today because God’s purpose had to be accomplished.
Finally, we should always ask Him that His will be done. Even when He says no, we should be assured that He is faithful, was faithful and will always be faithful.


I don’t want to be a nuisance that is not my business. I would love to see all Kenyans treated equally men, women, children, Nilotes, Bantus, and Cushites. But we have lost the way; the aftermath of colonialism which we thought will bring us close has made us parallel to our love for one another. Our ancestor’s wish was for us as a country to grow economically and socially after December 12th 1963. Just after the colonialism our ecomony was at per with most of the European countries. For instant Ksh 20 was equivalent to one pound. But now we are exchanging at more than Ksh 130. This is because our leaders developed greed which set us apart and labeled us Lake Kenya. Yes, Lake Kenya.
I know there is no such lake in the books of geography or any that existed in the books of history or ever been mentioned by our ancestors. This by the way is not my invention, although I wish it was, at least I would get a change to be in the books of history. Just like me, everyone wishes to leave a mark and probably be written down as one of the person who discovered something, or lead a movement that we can now see its fruits or on the negative head one of the rebellious movements or grabbed a whole county land or caused a major havoc in the country. We all want to be known. You know and I know that everyone would like to leave a mark and would like to be remembered differently. And now that is the problem. This is the source of Lake Kenya.
However, the very reason behind this has lead to the stagnation of our country and the suffering of the poor. It has lead to the upcoming of vocabularies like the ‘big fish and small fish, if you rattle a snake you must be prepared to be bitten by it, or you should know people’..etc, I know you are familiar with these, and the list is endless. Greed has taken shape over human soul. I sometimes wish the old times before colonization set in could last forever. The spirit of brotherhood and each having an equal standing in the society was the normal. The earth’s produce was enough for all and there were surplus. Forty two baskets of surplus enough for each nation or tribe, if you may. Then we had river Kenya. We were flowing and moving. There was no monopoly or unselfish competition, no laws that infringed the rights of the poor. Young and old had a bold and underlined respect for each other. We were flowing from the mountains to the valleys and mountains and valleys and we still stacked together. One nation, one people.
But as soon as our men and women rolled up their sleeves, shed blood and scarified for us to attain independence we become stagnant. Our minds are restructured and we have become robots of the west. They only needed to spend time and think hard to invent a remote control that they would control from the comfort of their swerving seats. And like slaved we had to follow in the name of seeking aid. What aid? This/that was/is not aid – I scratch your back, you scratch my back – was a choice made by our leaders. I now agree with Dr. Ndambisa Moyo the author of ‘Dead Aid’. The aid we ‘receive’ is literally dead. It cannot grow or bear fruits. It is a log to blind our vision and expose us to more disgrace and shame.
A few years back during the reign of our second president, we ceased running or flowing if you may. We become more of a controlled state than an independent state. This virus has not only affected us as a country but as a continent. We have blocked our mind and have allowed other people to use theirs on our behalf. Yes we have universities and schools that offer the best training. We have what it takes as a nation but we have dragged ourselves in. The ‘muzungu’ notion has made us view ourselves as inferior beings. Last I checked we use everything they invented. The cars, airplanes, ships, machines, language…you name them. Everything!
Everything that we have is as a result of the muzungu except may be for our native language. It is been fifty years but what do we have to show? Our university graduates haven’t made even the slightest machine and if they have it did not last to work effectively. We have huge tenders like the standard gauge railway but who gets to ‘win’ the tender, the Chinese (a close relative of the muzungu). One thing we should know is that when they see us, they see poverty; they see needy creatures, which are at their beck and call. And from where we stand we took at them and see help, we see superior beings, we see money. They know this and have taken it to their advantage.
They are selfish human beings who live to the words, “give and it will come back to you good measure shaken together running over.” This is not in the biblical point of view and but a selfish standing. But I also don’t blame they are just smart beings making good use of their oblongata. Even God asked Moses ‘what do you have?’ we should use what we have. They have brains and are making good use of it. I am not saying we don’t, but we are not using it! We have a mindset that the grass is greener on the other side. What about we water the one we are standing on.
Finally, in times of crisis, government is not the solution but it’s the problem. People make choices and create an arsenal of democracy that leads nations to freedom. In a battle field, one has to make a choice either to win or loss. And somethings happen by choice not by chance. We have to choice either to leave on the grey circle or on the black or white circle. The government that gives you everything is a government good enough can to take everything from you. Likewise if we depend on the west solemnly they can take everything from us at their own pleasure. Therefore we can either choose to stay in the dark or light a candle!


To clear the air, this is not an extended chapter of Chimamanda’s book ‘We Should All Be Feminist’ nor is it a campaign towards that same goal. This is a recap of bringing to life what has been buried by our society. Yes I agree we are in the 21st century and that the rate of divorce and dislike of the marriage institution is increasing by day. We have forgotten the roots of the problem and have begun to focus more on the dos and don’ts. The very nature of the advises we give people in the counseling and marital classes has left us in want. We have developed an SI Unit and define every marriage according to the norm. How it should be right in the eyes of the society and we end up getting the whole thing wrong.
Why have we forgotten the book of life? The book that ordained this institution! You cannot give what you don’t have. The knowledge of how to live in the institution is in the book of life, the bible. Before saying any word to that sister or brother whose marriage is on the rocks, first look at what the author says. In the book of Ephesians 5:22-33 it’s written, husbands love your wives and wives submit to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. That’s it! It’s not about how much you earn, how you: dress, talk or a perfect body shape. This is God’s command to us. It’s not a food for thought and there is no other secret to a happy marriage. The man’s role is to love and that of the woman is to submit. We got to know that God hates divorce! This is the SI Unit.
The love and submissiveness of a man and a woman respectively is a cycle. One leads to another and none cannot stand alone. If you sow love you will reap submission and love too. On the contrary you cannot sow hate and expect some miracle or magical happenings of love. So men, grow up how about you lead her with grace instead of trying to control her. If you love her unconditionally just as Christ loved the church she will submit. I know I have never been married but I don’t to be to know what God expects from us. If you love with the love of Christ it’s a guarantee she will submit.
We however have lost the way. You will hear women say “well I’m not submitting to anybody’ and their counter parts will say “ women don’t submit anymore’ this has lead to a disconnect in the institution. We compete to be superior to one another and have forgotten our role as the head and the neck. Marriage is not a survival for the fittest contest. It is an institution ordained by God and there are rules to it. Allow him to LEAD AND TRUST his directions.
But leading does not mean being a control freak. It means setting an example. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. We also have to move and adopt we the evolving world. The modern woman is not only raised to get married and bear children. She is raised to be independent, have a mind of her own, dynamic and have an equal standing in the corporate and competitive world. I can say this to the roof tops! We are as busy as men trying to make ends meet but we still haven’t forgotten that we need to be wives and mothers once we enter that door. But we can forget if he diggers it. If he is not loving and understanding we will forget. We will start to fight for an equal right basis in terms of who will do the dishes, wash cloths and pick the kids.
Therefore men have to EARN SUBNISSION. She will not try that submission thing probably with a boy posing as a man who manifests himself as an unreliable, irresponsible and unfaithful person. I know that sounded harsh but that’s the truth. If you got out drink yourself silly, soak your cloths, never pay rent and come home at the wee hours of the morning and probably give her a beating. Do you honestly deserve that respect? I am sorry she is human. We should not hide under the umbrella of Christianity until we forget that we are both humans. God does not expect that from us. He says there is time for everything and He doesn’t like hypocrisy.
If you say women are not submitting yet they wear a ragtag Christians, have you sat to think of the reason? Where you gone wrong? I will tell you, it’s ‘cause you are not showing her love full stop. Below is a check list for you to earn submission;
a) LOVE HER. This entails unconditional love highlighted in 1st Corinthians 13:5. Love her as Christ loved the church and gave up himself for her. Love her as yourself. He who loves his wife loves himself. After all, no one hated their own body. Can you hate or hurt yourself?
b) DEPENDABILITY. Are you always there when she needs you? She needs a friend, a husband and a father to her children. Are you that to her? You can’t be there SOMETIMES; you have to be there ALWAYS. You need to be there physically and emotionally. She needs to have an assurance that you are her number one cheer leader.
c) PROVIDER. I respect all those men who do all they can to retain their position as the provider. It doesn’t matter if she earns more that you. Just get out of that bed and bring home some milk or sugar. You will be respected in the society and in your house.
d) HUMILITY. You must be humble enough to know the limits of your ability. Your humility will let her know that you won’t take her down a path of destruction because you know when to say, “baby I need help”.
Finally, you married her because you loved her. And she agreed to marry you ‘cause in your eyes she saw someone who loved her. Your wish is to see your children and grand children and to grow old together still with the same same spark you had when you first saw her. This is what God wishes for us and that’s why we should live in accordance to His word. He means the best for us, a prosperity in life. Go and be the person he/she fell in love with.



Am sure no one wants to be told what they already know. Over a few months ago, we as a nation have received our share of flaws. It goes without saying that times have been tough. We have seen security lapse, jobs disappear, lives lost, schools deteriorate, more grieving than any one nation has to face/bear. The least we expect is someone to come and tell us what we already know. Or some international or national media write a story we all know and sugar coat their bulleting to attract more business and criticism for their own selfish interest.

It never pays to be a deliverer of bad news, news that brings divide, or  news that adds salt to injury. Someone told me that no news is good news. So every time there is news  it’s never positive and even when it is, there is always some bad news peeping or waiting to explode. It’s never our fault ,people are engineered differently. But this does not mean they cannot change.  They can and change is a permanent transformation.

But I know something that everyone should know. Tomorrow will be better than today. This is your home that’s why you stayed even when times were/are hard. The true value of communities is not in the beauty sceneries you see when you drive. It’s in the goodness of its people. We have to redefine the norm. Every day there are people who wake up before dawn to earn a living, young people  who are working very hard, students stay up late to earn their grades, neighbors rolling their sleeves and earning from their sweat. They what to change their community/country and despite what people think, or what has changed or what people say they have to do it. People build things from scratch and build an arsenal of democracy each and every day which lead us to independence. This country’s future will look exactly like what you and me what it to look at. I know that’s a lot to ask given what we have already faced, I know we have lost hope in our leaders and in the future of this country. However we have to embrace responsibility. We have to rebuild that trust among ourselves. We can re-write a new chapter. You can be Kenya’s future. I know you didn’t do anything to take our economy to the state it’s been in, you didn’t make  any decisions  that has brought us to this point. You have every right to say it’s not my fault, what can I do, I have enough to worry on!No one will blame you for choosing to look out for yourselves. But I hope of all hope that that’s not what you are feeling.

Our generation is waiting for you, the future is looking at you. You have the potential to change everything. You have to know that there is no secrete to a free and democratic nation. You just have to take one step, and believing you can. Rome was not built in one day, people made decisions  and sacrifices and their fruits yield way after some of them passed on. But that’s nothing not to worry about, you got to leave this word better that you found it. That’s what God wants from us. We have to over look above the political arena. Politics and tribalism will never unite a nation but peace, love and unity will make a nation’s economy grow. Embrace positivity!