GLOBAL WARMING: The Earth will Heal Itself 

1320_effects-imageLet’s talk about our future. The future of our generation. What will the Earth be like? Recently climate scientist from around the world met in Paris for one of the largest scientific gathering sponsored by the United Nations. However much nations met and try to come with ideas to end global warming , there is little or nothing that there legislation will help. I think the Earth has its way of healing itself. Now let’s talk about the healing.

In an interview, the Paris Conference chair Jean Jouzel said, “Global warming will never stop but there is hope. It would have be have been much easier to deal with the issue if we had started 25 years ago.

Climate change or global warming if you may is as a result of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere which acts as a blanket- trapping heat and warming the planet.  CO2 is as a result of burning fossils fuel like coal, oil, natural gas and cutting down of trees. The process of the production of CO2 is seen with the emerging number of industries in the name of improving the live of man and technology.

Analysis of Global Change

As it is now, the countries that feel the gravity of global warming are Europe, Asia, and America. The question now is, why is it that the Africa Continent feels the effect less? African countries do not have extreme weather conditions, there are severe storms, reduce lake ice water, increased sea levels, increased droughts and charge in plant and animal behavior.

If we go back before colonization in Africa, life was as good as it gets. People didn’t worry about education, civilization, technology and what is now felt in the developed countries. In Africa the order of the day was live in the forest. Food was fetched from the forest which came in its natural state. They would care about starting a forest fire. They cared about where they could get their food from. If they needed vegetables or meat, they would go into the forest with spears to gather and hunt respectively.

Temperature Change

There was no need to store things in the refrigerator or heat with a microwave. They stored things using natural methods like smoking, salting, heating or drying. If one was to travel from one place to the other they would use animals. As it was, there were no industries to burn oil, gas, coal or release any toxic gases. There were no air conditioners. The weather was perfect.

On the other hand, the European and Americans had a lot to worry about. To start with, there weather patterns are extreme; from winter to summer. They had to think of ways that they would keep themselves warm during winter and how they would store food. What other way of keeping themselves warm than heating systems. Heating systems use either gas or electricity. And of course fire wood. But fire wood cannot heat an entire house or office and worse still it cannot provide enough heat. The only best alternative was gas and electricity. Electricity on the other hand is expensive for a country. If a country is to depend of electricity, they have to usenuclear energy to produce more electricity. As for gas– which most countries use- oil has to be drilled beneath the earth. From the oil they extract gases.

There countries came up with all the technology we see now, from vehicles, to electricity, to airplanes, to industries, telecommunications and everything that we enjoy now in Africa. They brought this technology to Africa. We now have industries and cars to produce toxic gases. We now mine and destroy the earth’s crust. We now cut trees for furniture. We have aped the developed countries.

Now, in the attempt to make life comfortable, the above caused more havoc with time. We have global warming. I am not in any way blaming them, of cause they had to find ways to survive. But in the aim of exploiting resources and developing, little or no attention was given to the effects that the technology will cause. Thanks to it we now have an elephant in the room.

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We now have countries coming together in conventions trying to scare the elephant. The earth has already suffered grievously. It has suffered all manner of abuses. Yet it is still surviving. It’s really a survivor. Common sense tells us that what we are doing is damaging the Earth but we heed not to this. In fact the same people who have brought us to where we are the same people who are pushing us far from recovery. With the already damaged Earth, they bring in more technology to cover up. But I am somehow convinced that it is just business. You know the supply and demand chains. We have developed more demand and they have more to supply. They have come up with GMO seeds which can survive the weather but the same seeds are harming our body. They are producing more in an aim to seek healing mother Earth but they are also producing more toxic gas.

The Earth is sick but it will heal it self 

Professor Laughlin in his book ‘The Crime of Reason’ says that you can’t discuss climate change without looking backward across geologic time. He puts ordinary rainfall into perspective to illustrate the point. The rain that now falls on the world in a normal year measures a meter –about the height of a golden retriever. The rain that has fallen since the industrial age measures 200 meters. The rain that has fallen since the age of the dinosaurs would fill the Earth’s ocean 20,000 times. The rain that has fallen since oxygen formed will fill the World 100 times.  Yet, the amount of water in Earth’s oceans hasn’t changed significantly in all of this time. In Earth’s most recent glacial melting, 15,000 years ago, the sea level rose by one centimeter a year for 10,000 years- and then abruptly stopped. The heat required to produce this melting was 10 times the total energy consumption of all human civilization.

As long as we produce and manufacture, CO2 will always be in the atmosphere.  There is no amount of conventions or legislation that will help. Everyone is in business and technology is still evolving. Anything that humans do to mitigate is a waste of time. It is natural that Governments and citizens delude themselves when they think they can make a difference.

Physical Impact of Climate Change


The Earth has suffered much and as it. If exhausted it will take care of itself. The Earth doesn’t care if you reduce gas production, or you reduce the amount of cars on the roads or that you put measures to industries. It’s vanity.  The Earth is capable of turning excess CO2 into limestone. The Earth regulates climate change in geologic time without asking for anyone’s permission or explaining itself.

However, at the time of healing more destruction will have occurred than we ever expected. The glacial melting  (ice age)will increase sea levels and the oceans will break their boundaries. Unfortunately the countries on the Northern hemisphere will suffer greatly. Most of these countries will be washed away. Buildings will collapse, crops and animals will be destroyed and people will die


Glacial melting

After this, the Earth will cool and it will absorb all the toxic gas. This is the truth. We can’t do anything. We are caught up with the very inventions that we thought would help us. Our invention has made us cynical.

Choices have consequences. It’s our time to eat the bitter fruit be labored.




I we all battle with what is right in our eyes, the society and God. It’s always hard to make decisions especially with the current economic break down. But that not withstanding we have to make those decisions. I heard this and thought it might help.

A sales man was waiting to see the Purchasing Agent so he could submit his Company’s bid. While he was waiting, he couldn’t help but notice that his Competitor’s bid was sitting on the Purchasing Agent’s desk. Unfortunately, the actual figure for the Competitor’s bid was covered by a soda can.


He got to thinking: How could it hurt if he took just a quick look? No one would ever need to know. So he reached over integrity and lifted the soda can. But his heart sank as he watched thousands of beads pour out from the bottomless can and scatter across the desktop.


It was a test set up by the Purchasing Agent … and he failed it. Needless to say, he didn’t get that company’s business.


I read that story and wondered, would I have passed the same integrity test? The only time you know you can stand, is right when you are in the middle of the heat.


I can imagine maybe business is not good and you are depending on this deal to make ends meet. Would you take a small peep to see if your bid is lower than your competitor giving you a better chance to get the job?


God expects you and I to be honest in our dealings whether we are all alone or in the presence of witnesses. God is ready to bless the work of our hands but we have to be honest in our dealings for the blessing to flow.


Who are you when people are not watching? Will you stand by the truth even when it means you can lose? These are questions we have to answer every day and our actions reveal who we really are in our hearts.


May we find strength and conviction to stand by what we really believe in even when it means our lives are on the line like Daniel.

Proverbs 28:18

Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall.

 In all your dealings today stand for what is truth. It’s about being civilised. 


images_13We often as human being are quick to do something

especially when we are excited, sad etc, basically when our

emotions are not sober. When excited we make huge promises

some of which when sober we can’t. When we are sad we

utter hurtful and hateful words that express best our feelings

and make us feel ‘better’. We are often quick at commenting

on post, some of which do not even concern us.We forget that

the tongue has the power of life and death.

I actually wouldn’t blame us, its human nature which luckily

can be controlled. In most cases when i was young, i could

cook food especially vegetable, and put more salt. At the end

of the process, the food is no longer edible due to the salt concentration

and most of the time i though adding water could help the

situation. But yes it did help in terms of reducing the

concentration of salt to the food but it however, made it taste

less. This situation was worse until i decided never again to

put salt in any food i cook. The feed back was good since it

was upto the person eating to determine the amount of salt

they wanted.

Relating this to the real world, its easy to start something

than to stop it. For instance, it can only take a match stick to

lite up a forest and days to stop the fire. With the social

network, an update or a wallpost can stimulate war but its

very hard for the same text to calm people down and if they

eventually do, many would have lost there lives. Sometimes

the little things that we don’t put much thought into when

saying or doing may cause our lives or of the ones we love.



images_12Sometimes the mistakes, hardships and stresses of life makes

it more interesting. Its not interesting at that moment but

when you overcome them it makes you tough. I often say

once bitten never shy. You shouldn’t shy away cause you

have an experience on what to expect and how to handle it.

I don’t understand how you can smile all day long but cry

yourself to sleep at night. How pictures never change but

people in them do. How your best friend can become your

worst enemy, or how strange it is when your enemy turns

into your best friend. How forever turns into a few short

months then you would do almost anything to get back. How

you can let go off something you once said you couldn’t live

without. How even though you know something is best for

you, it just hurts the same. How the people who once wanted

to spend every second with you, think a few minutes of their

time is too much to spare. How people make promises despite

knowing how common it is for promises to be broken. How

people can erase you from their lives just because its easier

than working things out.

We can never understand this things. We have no control of

things but we can choose not to be define by circumstances

but instead define them. Sometimes we feel like the whole

world  is on our shoulders. When you are told a joke for the first

time, it will amuse you. When said the second time you will

still be amused but when said the third and fourth time you

won’t laugh like  you did the first time cause you are now

used to it.

This is how we should treat situations when we fill their is no

way out especially if it has happened to you more that ones or

twice. Our bodies are designed to adjust. Just smile and treat

it like a regular friend, that’s an option. WHEN THERE IS NO



getmoneyyyLately, I have heard several cases of people being conned. It’s sad especially the amount of money involved in the whole process. However, in this article I’m not trying to be the perfect human made creature. We all are human beings with body mind and soul which makes us vulnerable to greed and a fast ending. This is an opinion of what I think is a common character to 9o% of the conmen victims. Plus I was a victim once or twice except that I try to convince myself that on the second ‘experience’ I was a guru of their tactic but unfortunately I tied myself around.

I often tell people I interact with that you should not  learn from your mistakes but from other people’s mistakes. On the other hand, sometimes learning from your own mistakes is far more helpful. You will be hurt and probably come out with a scare. But a scare is okey. In fact it’s the best reminder of the mistakes you did which will help you avoid further mistakes. If you ask any one who has been conned in the past, the experience is always not one that they would wish to remember.

As I was discussing about this topic with my dad, he pointed out that there is a common denominator to every conman’s victim; honesty and greed. It’s the bitter truth but that’s it. I might be wrong but you can look or ask around. The driving force is speed and not having to follow the long procedures.

In most dealings that people have been conned  huge amounts of monies exchanged hands; thousand, millions or even billions. The deal was soo good and you thought, why not? I will have huge returns within a short period of time. You never at one point considered the well know words, “ when the deal is good think twice”. But I understand, I’ve been there before.  But hold on there,  in the ideal world your bank account won’t grow in a flash nor will you get that huge tender in a split of a second. Things don’t just unfold without a drop of sweat. Wake up and smell the bitter truth.

The bottom-line is that the greed stimuli was flowing fast through your veins hence the above questions. We would all what to be rich in a split of a second. That’s natural. But how will that come by? We often search deep and shallow to have an answer to this question. And in the process we accept any ‘good’ deal that comes along.

Conmen exploit the trust, greed and fear of their victims. They know that they must have the trust of their victims, or they use false tactics to frighten their victims that if they do not agree to a certain deal, they are gonna lose heavily. They will often make sure that their fast deal with you goes on smoothly to the end.  With this experience and knowledge it is not surprising that there victims get greedier to graduate into bigger scheme.

So,  cut down the greed intake and you’ll live a healthy financial life free on court room attendance and enemies. It’s not easy especially with the economy and the demanding world. But would you rather loose alot to someone just cause you could wait?  Do your maths and make a choice.  Choices have consequences!

The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle.



On Sunday the world celebrated mother’s day. I could help but notice everyone on my time line either updated their mother’s photo or wrote something in appreciation to their mothers. I must say they were really touching. I hope of all hopes that we should not be reminded by a calendar date that our mothers should be celebrated and appreciated. But it should be an inbuilt affection that comes out naturally and every minute.  So, today as I was going about my official duties I eves dropped a conversation between a lady of about mid 30s and a gentleman (he sure was) of about mid-40s. images

These words, “if women would remember the pain they would not have second born-s”, that got me thinking. Based on this part of the conversation, you would clearly know the topic of discussion was child birth and labour pains. I have never had a child before but I know people who’ve had. I might not also know the experience or how painful the labour pains are. But based on what I know, it must be a very painful experience. Some say its unexplainable pain that may last close to 8-12hrs.

I talked to one of my collegue (she has a kid) as soon as I entered the office. She told me out like I thought you knew such things. But my face was like a frozen computer screen waiting for her answer and trying to give her the look of I know but I still wanna be told. According to her it’s the worst pain you could ever experience. I felt some groose pumps coming out and thinking I wouldn’t want to experience that. Towards the end of the conversation she told me with an assuring voice, “the moment the child gets out, you forget the pain totally.” It however didn’t make sense but those are the words of someone who has been there. I also inquired around and the answer was the same, you’ll forget the pain immediately.

Anyway, I didn’t intent to talk about child bearing and labour pains. This was just a bridge way to the key point. Come to think about it, if the pain is extreme as ladies will attest to, then why do people have more than one kid? Logically once bitten twice shy or no one would step on a blade twice knowingly. But women do it.  They go through the same painful experience not twice but more and more again. What driving force do they then have? Ask one, and you’ll get the best answer.

After a long time of wrestling with my brain I thought why can’t we put the same driving force to the things we encounter daily that we would sometime think I wouldn’t walk that road again?  And often say phrases like catch me dead. You try out something that drained your  bank account, you lost a job that you had dedicated your  whole life time in, you tried out a partnership that did nothing but created a whole chain of bitterness and hatred with the people you trusted, your marriage failed and it was his or her fault and vowed not to get married again, you have repeated an exam for that six times and paid for the same six times and every other situation that made you experience a unbearable pain that you wouldn’t want to go through again. Your story is always about the rain and floods, destruction, downfall and the family.

It was or is very painful but that should not hinder you from getting a second born. That should not be the reason you wouldn’t want to try again. Imagine (especially if you are not a first born) if your mom remembered the labour pain she experienced, then you wouldn’t be here today. What did she do? She forgot the pain and got another child. The experience of a woman in labour is no different from that situation you are facing.

You gotta pick yourself shake the dust off and get going. God hasn’t promised that there won’t be fire on your path walk to success but He promises to preserve you in the fire. Get up now!

Reflections on the Hare and Tortoise story

2G's Musings

The hare lets now the tortoise go,
Like a grave bishop pacing slow.
And now behold the tortoise gone,
Toiling, hastening slowly on.
The hare the bet but little priced,
And such a victory despised;
He thought, in his great pride of heart,
‘Twas yet too soon for him to start.
So, browsing, resting at his ease,
Oblivious of his bet, he sees
The tortoise the wished goal about to gain,
He sprang like lightning, but he sprang in vain.

– Jean de La Fontaine

Hare 1


“What a dull heavy creature,” said the Hare, “is this Tortoise!”

“And yet,” said the Tortoise, “I’ll run with you for a wager.”

‘Twas done and done, and the Fox, by consent, was to be the judge.

They started together, and the Tortoise kept jogging on till he came to the end of the course.

The Hare laid himself down about midway, and took a nap…

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Am sure no one wants to be told what they already know. Over a few months ago, we as a nation have received our share of flaws. It goes without saying that times have been tough. We have seen security lapse, jobs disappear, lives lost, schools deteriorate, more grieving than any one nation has to face/bear. The least we expect is someone to come and tell us what we already know. Or some international or national media write a story we all know and sugar coat their bulleting to attract more business and criticism for their own selfish interest.

It never pays to be a deliverer of bad news, news that brings divide, or  news that adds salt to injury. Someone told me that no news is good news. So every time there is news  it’s never positive and even when it is, there is always some bad news peeping or waiting to explode. It’s never our fault ,people are engineered differently. But this does not mean they cannot change.  They can and change is a permanent transformation.

But I know something that everyone should know. Tomorrow will be better than today. This is your home that’s why you stayed even when times were/are hard. The true value of communities is not in the beauty sceneries you see when you drive. It’s in the goodness of its people. We have to redefine the norm. Every day there are people who wake up before dawn to earn a living, young people  who are working very hard, students stay up late to earn their grades, neighbors rolling their sleeves and earning from their sweat. They what to change their community/country and despite what people think, or what has changed or what people say they have to do it. People build things from scratch and build an arsenal of democracy each and every day which lead us to independence. This country’s future will look exactly like what you and me what it to look at. I know that’s a lot to ask given what we have already faced, I know we have lost hope in our leaders and in the future of this country. However we have to embrace responsibility. We have to rebuild that trust among ourselves. We can re-write a new chapter. You can be Kenya’s future. I know you didn’t do anything to take our economy to the state it’s been in, you didn’t make  any decisions  that has brought us to this point. You have every right to say it’s not my fault, what can I do, I have enough to worry on!No one will blame you for choosing to look out for yourselves. But I hope of all hope that that’s not what you are feeling.

Our generation is waiting for you, the future is looking at you. You have the potential to change everything. You have to know that there is no secrete to a free and democratic nation. You just have to take one step, and believing you can. Rome was not built in one day, people made decisions  and sacrifices and their fruits yield way after some of them passed on. But that’s nothing not to worry about, you got to leave this word better that you found it. That’s what God wants from us. We have to over look above the political arena. Politics and tribalism will never unite a nation but peace, love and unity will make a nation’s economy grow. Embrace positivity!