With the technology era especially in the developed countries

and less in developing countries, socializing has been an alien

among people. Most of them don’t even know their next door

neighbour. As a result, we fail to note the culprits in the

community and at the end of the day they are listed as most

wanted terrorist or even attack us. The saying “Everyone for

himself and God for us all’ has its roots especially among the

Kenyans living in urban areas. Although it has its advantages,

the disadvantage over shadow them..

This has been transferred to our children who prefer being

glued on a seat than go out and play with friends. The effect

is more since its the facebook and twitter era.They have

more friends in the social network whom they have never seen

each other but talk and share alot. At the end of the day,

their bodies become weak due to lack of exercises and their

eye ache or have a dull view of things. Technology is not

everything. someone said that technology will over power

paper but a few months ago, Venezuela lacked tissue on their

shelves and had a long day importing.

And the situation becomes even worse since their parents,

who are to be good examples, fall under the same or even

worse. They are always at work and in the evening when they

are to rest they carry the whole office at home fighting with

deadlines and competition. The children who see them as role

models remain with no choice.How are these children going to

met their life partners? On the internet? How/when are they

going to learn to live like humans and not beasts? It is time

to go to our ‘original self’, go to our traditions and culture.

Its time to disconnect to connect. TAKE IT OUTSIDE!




On Sunday the world celebrated mother’s day. I could help but notice everyone on my time line either updated their mother’s photo or wrote something in appreciation to their mothers. I must say they were really touching. I hope of all hopes that we should not be reminded by a calendar date that our mothers should be celebrated and appreciated. But it should be an inbuilt affection that comes out naturally and every minute.  So, today as I was going about my official duties I eves dropped a conversation between a lady of about mid 30s and a gentleman (he sure was) of about mid-40s. images

These words, “if women would remember the pain they would not have second born-s”, that got me thinking. Based on this part of the conversation, you would clearly know the topic of discussion was child birth and labour pains. I have never had a child before but I know people who’ve had. I might not also know the experience or how painful the labour pains are. But based on what I know, it must be a very painful experience. Some say its unexplainable pain that may last close to 8-12hrs.

I talked to one of my collegue (she has a kid) as soon as I entered the office. She told me out like I thought you knew such things. But my face was like a frozen computer screen waiting for her answer and trying to give her the look of I know but I still wanna be told. According to her it’s the worst pain you could ever experience. I felt some groose pumps coming out and thinking I wouldn’t want to experience that. Towards the end of the conversation she told me with an assuring voice, “the moment the child gets out, you forget the pain totally.” It however didn’t make sense but those are the words of someone who has been there. I also inquired around and the answer was the same, you’ll forget the pain immediately.

Anyway, I didn’t intent to talk about child bearing and labour pains. This was just a bridge way to the key point. Come to think about it, if the pain is extreme as ladies will attest to, then why do people have more than one kid? Logically once bitten twice shy or no one would step on a blade twice knowingly. But women do it.  They go through the same painful experience not twice but more and more again. What driving force do they then have? Ask one, and you’ll get the best answer.

After a long time of wrestling with my brain I thought why can’t we put the same driving force to the things we encounter daily that we would sometime think I wouldn’t walk that road again?  And often say phrases like catch me dead. You try out something that drained your  bank account, you lost a job that you had dedicated your  whole life time in, you tried out a partnership that did nothing but created a whole chain of bitterness and hatred with the people you trusted, your marriage failed and it was his or her fault and vowed not to get married again, you have repeated an exam for that six times and paid for the same six times and every other situation that made you experience a unbearable pain that you wouldn’t want to go through again. Your story is always about the rain and floods, destruction, downfall and the family.

It was or is very painful but that should not hinder you from getting a second born. That should not be the reason you wouldn’t want to try again. Imagine (especially if you are not a first born) if your mom remembered the labour pain she experienced, then you wouldn’t be here today. What did she do? She forgot the pain and got another child. The experience of a woman in labour is no different from that situation you are facing.

You gotta pick yourself shake the dust off and get going. God hasn’t promised that there won’t be fire on your path walk to success but He promises to preserve you in the fire. Get up now!