I don’t want to be a nuisance that is not my business. I would love to see all Kenyans treated equally men, women, children, Nilotes, Bantus, and Cushites. But we have lost the way; the aftermath of colonialism which we thought will bring us close has made us parallel to our love for one another. Our ancestor’s wish was for us as a country to grow economically and socially after December 12th 1963. Just after the colonialism our ecomony was at per with most of the European countries. For instant Ksh 20 was equivalent to one pound. But now we are exchanging at more than Ksh 130. This is because our leaders developed greed which set us apart and labeled us Lake Kenya. Yes, Lake Kenya.
I know there is no such lake in the books of geography or any that existed in the books of history or ever been mentioned by our ancestors. This by the way is not my invention, although I wish it was, at least I would get a change to be in the books of history. Just like me, everyone wishes to leave a mark and probably be written down as one of the person who discovered something, or lead a movement that we can now see its fruits or on the negative head one of the rebellious movements or grabbed a whole county land or caused a major havoc in the country. We all want to be known. You know and I know that everyone would like to leave a mark and would like to be remembered differently. And now that is the problem. This is the source of Lake Kenya.
However, the very reason behind this has lead to the stagnation of our country and the suffering of the poor. It has lead to the upcoming of vocabularies like the ‘big fish and small fish, if you rattle a snake you must be prepared to be bitten by it, or you should know people’..etc, I know you are familiar with these, and the list is endless. Greed has taken shape over human soul. I sometimes wish the old times before colonization set in could last forever. The spirit of brotherhood and each having an equal standing in the society was the normal. The earth’s produce was enough for all and there were surplus. Forty two baskets of surplus enough for each nation or tribe, if you may. Then we had river Kenya. We were flowing and moving. There was no monopoly or unselfish competition, no laws that infringed the rights of the poor. Young and old had a bold and underlined respect for each other. We were flowing from the mountains to the valleys and mountains and valleys and we still stacked together. One nation, one people.
But as soon as our men and women rolled up their sleeves, shed blood and scarified for us to attain independence we become stagnant. Our minds are restructured and we have become robots of the west. They only needed to spend time and think hard to invent a remote control that they would control from the comfort of their swerving seats. And like slaved we had to follow in the name of seeking aid. What aid? This/that was/is not aid – I scratch your back, you scratch my back – was a choice made by our leaders. I now agree with Dr. Ndambisa Moyo the author of ‘Dead Aid’. The aid we ‘receive’ is literally dead. It cannot grow or bear fruits. It is a log to blind our vision and expose us to more disgrace and shame.
A few years back during the reign of our second president, we ceased running or flowing if you may. We become more of a controlled state than an independent state. This virus has not only affected us as a country but as a continent. We have blocked our mind and have allowed other people to use theirs on our behalf. Yes we have universities and schools that offer the best training. We have what it takes as a nation but we have dragged ourselves in. The ‘muzungu’ notion has made us view ourselves as inferior beings. Last I checked we use everything they invented. The cars, airplanes, ships, machines, language…you name them. Everything!
Everything that we have is as a result of the muzungu except may be for our native language. It is been fifty years but what do we have to show? Our university graduates haven’t made even the slightest machine and if they have it did not last to work effectively. We have huge tenders like the standard gauge railway but who gets to ‘win’ the tender, the Chinese (a close relative of the muzungu). One thing we should know is that when they see us, they see poverty; they see needy creatures, which are at their beck and call. And from where we stand we took at them and see help, we see superior beings, we see money. They know this and have taken it to their advantage.
They are selfish human beings who live to the words, “give and it will come back to you good measure shaken together running over.” This is not in the biblical point of view and but a selfish standing. But I also don’t blame they are just smart beings making good use of their oblongata. Even God asked Moses ‘what do you have?’ we should use what we have. They have brains and are making good use of it. I am not saying we don’t, but we are not using it! We have a mindset that the grass is greener on the other side. What about we water the one we are standing on.
Finally, in times of crisis, government is not the solution but it’s the problem. People make choices and create an arsenal of democracy that leads nations to freedom. In a battle field, one has to make a choice either to win or loss. And somethings happen by choice not by chance. We have to choice either to leave on the grey circle or on the black or white circle. The government that gives you everything is a government good enough can to take everything from you. Likewise if we depend on the west solemnly they can take everything from us at their own pleasure. Therefore we can either choose to stay in the dark or light a candle!




Am sure no one wants to be told what they already know. Over a few months ago, we as a nation have received our share of flaws. It goes without saying that times have been tough. We have seen security lapse, jobs disappear, lives lost, schools deteriorate, more grieving than any one nation has to face/bear. The least we expect is someone to come and tell us what we already know. Or some international or national media write a story we all know and sugar coat their bulleting to attract more business and criticism for their own selfish interest.

It never pays to be a deliverer of bad news, news that brings divide, or  news that adds salt to injury. Someone told me that no news is good news. So every time there is news  it’s never positive and even when it is, there is always some bad news peeping or waiting to explode. It’s never our fault ,people are engineered differently. But this does not mean they cannot change.  They can and change is a permanent transformation.

But I know something that everyone should know. Tomorrow will be better than today. This is your home that’s why you stayed even when times were/are hard. The true value of communities is not in the beauty sceneries you see when you drive. It’s in the goodness of its people. We have to redefine the norm. Every day there are people who wake up before dawn to earn a living, young people  who are working very hard, students stay up late to earn their grades, neighbors rolling their sleeves and earning from their sweat. They what to change their community/country and despite what people think, or what has changed or what people say they have to do it. People build things from scratch and build an arsenal of democracy each and every day which lead us to independence. This country’s future will look exactly like what you and me what it to look at. I know that’s a lot to ask given what we have already faced, I know we have lost hope in our leaders and in the future of this country. However we have to embrace responsibility. We have to rebuild that trust among ourselves. We can re-write a new chapter. You can be Kenya’s future. I know you didn’t do anything to take our economy to the state it’s been in, you didn’t make  any decisions  that has brought us to this point. You have every right to say it’s not my fault, what can I do, I have enough to worry on!No one will blame you for choosing to look out for yourselves. But I hope of all hope that that’s not what you are feeling.

Our generation is waiting for you, the future is looking at you. You have the potential to change everything. You have to know that there is no secrete to a free and democratic nation. You just have to take one step, and believing you can. Rome was not built in one day, people made decisions  and sacrifices and their fruits yield way after some of them passed on. But that’s nothing not to worry about, you got to leave this word better that you found it. That’s what God wants from us. We have to over look above the political arena. Politics and tribalism will never unite a nation but peace, love and unity will make a nation’s economy grow. Embrace positivity!