images_17I read a story of a man let’s call him John who spent a night under the bridge after an unsympathetic landlord evicted him from an apartment he has been living in.

John had not paid rent for months and the landlord threatened to auction his belongings. Mercifully, relatives chipped in saving him from the auctioneer’s hammer. Looking back, he now thinks the situation would have been avoided had he chosen to live within his means.images_15

To match his monthly income, he had a change of lifestyle. Rented an expensive apartment, drove a good car and could shop anything he pleases. He was employed in a factory, got all the respect he wanted from his peers and relatives. I mean life is good! He could sleep well, eat good food and wore good cloths.

John is a reflection of many young and some old people today. All we do as young people especially is investing in the toilet and peer pressure. By investing in the toilet I mean, eating expensive foods. Eating is not bad but going to Villa Rosa and the family is outrageous especially if your salary is below six figures or you are living in a rental house. After Villa Rosa, you will invest in that toilet that doesn’t even belong to you.

I am not being a miser but this is what is happening. You take a loan to buy an expensive car which am sure is not a basic need. After paying off the seller, you have to see an insurance company, then the petrol station and often the city askaris for parking fees and lastly a mechanic for servicing. From the above, you haven’t paid house rent, forgotten, that is not your house! There are electricity, water and now Tv subscription to pay. In all this you haven’t eaten nor dressed up. At the end of it all what is there to save? You still have to service your loan. And I almost forgot, you need to go for vacations outside the country!

In that job you are an EMPLOYEE. If you are in the government at least after six months or so, you will be permanent and pensionable. For the employee in someone else’s business, making money for them, you can lose your job at any time. But you might think of suing your boss for summary dismissal but where will you get the money to hire that advocate and worse still who will employ you thereafter (one who will sue you)?

After the job is gone, nightmares knock. The landlord is in business and at the end of the day your relationship with him/her is money. Since there is no money for you to give, the red devil will show up and cover his/her beautiful simile (the smile appears when she/he receives your money). Where are your friends you’ve been trying to live up to their standard? That car, where will you park it? The city askaris will not let you park without a fee. So where are you gonna park? That leather set of chairs, a 22 inch Tv, a mega Samsung fridge, that ksh. 150,000 king size bed, that bar and the rest, where are you gonna put them? The expensive (tasteless) food is invested in the toilet which belongs to the landlord and you won’t claim your position of the investment.

Before you get another job, what’s your fate? Under the bridge or your parent’s house? Where?

Don’t get it twisted, am not saying you shouldn’t live a comfortable life. All I’m saying is live within your means and aim at having a house of your own. I know with that first job you cannot buy a house or build one, but how about cutting your liabilities and instead save. You don’t have to save ksh. 10,000 and above. The little you can itaziba ufa someday. Be wise.

Don’t hugely invest on the landlord’s bank account and toilet. CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES. DON’T LET IT GET TO YOUR HEAD.




images_4This phase has been used often when people don’t want you, the recipient, to view things at face value. What it looks like may not be the actual meaning or reason behind something. There is more to things than the actual face value of it. The face value may only portray a ray of light but the whole view of the sun light is in looking beyond the ordinary, beyond what your eyes wanna see, beyond what you wanna hear and beyond what others see. Yes open the pages to see the real contents of the book to feel the spirit of the author and not just conclude from the colorful or dull cover page.
The headlines that goes viral on Twitter and Facebook or even on a blog post that receive hundreds of referrals from search engines are only there for that single purpose, to be viewed from the writers point of view. The writer’s point of view may be influenced by someone or something negative or positive. Whichever applies. A writer many be paid to post something that may tint the image of another or praise him or her whilst there is nothing to crown. They like it and crown it as they wish. This does not mean that’s the gospel truth. There is more to it that the writings. God gave us a brain capacity higher than any other animal of the planet and using it wisely is for His glory.
I know you know or have seen that fat or skinny kid in your neighborhood. Your first thought may be what’s wrong with their parent. Why isn’t she/he monitoring their child’s intake or they don’t have enough food. By thinking in this line we’ve already formed a conclusion in our heads without knowing or understanding the background of that child. May be that overweight kid is struggling to cut down or their intake and that skinny kid has her own struggles to have three meals a day. May be they can only afford one meal a day or none at all. Until then it’s better to be positive.
We are often told about the addicts. Addicts of drugs, pornography …you name them. Sometimes we wonder can’t someone just stop or take that first step of recovery. I haven’t been there but I know people who have been there and others are still there. If only you get to fit that person’s shoe you’ll get to feel where it hurts. It’s never that easy. They also what to quit but their bodies are not receptive to the change. All they are looking for is someone who will help them through the thorny bushes, the steep mountains and deep valleys. Your attitude or language will either break or build them.
The girl who goes to church skimpily dresses. That girl is in church and not in the clubs. The brethren may start binding whatever it see. Some may even chase her. Some will say she will make a brother fall. Last I checked it’s not the cloth that will go to heaven or gets saved. That girl may be a sinner but she is tired of the circular world. And today she decides to go to church to see if they will be accepted as she is or if she will surrender her life to Christ. She wants to know if there is any hope for her. And what does she get? All the holier than thou attitude and the judgmental eyes saying, “you are going to hell”. Will she surrender to Christ knowing that she was judged at a glance? What will be her perception of Christians? Shouldn’t we be glad that she is there and not in the club? Shouldn’t we receive her with open arms and teach her the word. I believe next Sunday she will well dresses.
That underage girl who is pregnant? The word goes around the neighborhood and people quickly think she has loose morals or her parents didn’t teach her well. May be that child was raped and she was not given morning after pills after the incident. May be she was just a naïve girl who didn’t know biology let alone understand the changes in her body. May be that child offered her body to provide for her siblings. There are a lot of possibilities and one of them may be the real reason. By gossiping and warning your kids not to associate with her won’t stop your kid from falling victim. By helping her go through the journey she didn’t choose to go will help her raise her baby. By taking to her will help you know the real reason and probably you’ll be her angel sent.
The kid who tops from the bottom in every end of term exam: We all were not born genius. A parent may even be the first to scorn the kid for being the last in class. The kid may be doing their best but there is nothing to show. The kid may be dyslexic. These kids will not always learn at the pace of the rest. This kid may not understand science or geography or mathematics but they are always gifted. This kid may be gifted in sports or art or in other way. Forcing such kids to go to school and branding them stupid, like their mother as many fathers will say, won’t help the child. Scorning the child will make him hate him/herself and probably give up in life. But understanding the root of the problem and crowning the gift that the child possesses will be his stepping stone. Last I checked talent pays more that papers.
To the ladies, that young man who keeps asking you out and you turn down his request just because he is not tall dark and handsome would make the best husband. He may not measure up to your standards, he may be too light skinned or very dark, he may be too short or too tall, he may be too shinny or obese. And may be that’s not the kind of man you want. Or may be you don’t like the way he smiles or laughs and many more. But all this will fade with time but his personality won’t, his love for you won’t, how he cares for you and the neighbors’ children won’t or even his inner child and most of all his love for God. He is not what he looks like. Get to know him and you’ll love him. This also applies to the men: that lady who is not size 10 or 8.
It’s never what it looks like. Intersect the circle and find the root before you get to the circumference then find the sum. Is it more on the negative or on the positive? Be the judge.